Broadcast Power         

On Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of low noise, high reliability power supplies and complete power conversion equipment for high availability broadcast applications. Our range of power supplies are supported with comprehensive application guides and engineering excellence as required.

Focussed entirely on power conversion our highly experienced team can work with you to ensure that your power supply requirement is delivered on time and on budget, by utilising a combination of standard power modules and semi custom design capabilities as required.

Our thorough knowledge of the low noise, high availability requirements for power supplies in the Broadcast Industry drives our development teams to deliver standard power supply products that meet the following:

Wide range universal input voltages compliant to global standards.

Low cost of manufacture designs that maintain our strict levels of high quality demanded by zero down time broadcast systems.

True hot swap, N+1 redundant power architectures with full system signalling and communication for high level system integration.

Focus on achieving high efficiency to reduce the wild heat within a system and to reduce the energy consumption needs of the overall equipment.

Low EMI to EN55011/22 Level B with the in house capability of adding additional filtering for system specific requirements.

Low output ripple and noise for audio sensitive equipment; our engineers have many years’ experience successfully implementing power supplies into broadcast equipment and thoroughly understand the stringent requirements that analogue audio circuits require.

Our innovative, low noise circuitry enables the use of cost effective switch mode power supplies on analogue electronics creating very low noise, vastly improving efficiency and minimising space requirements.

In house, semi custom design capability simplifies system design and integration time and cost, Safety as standard UL60950-1, IEC60950-1, EN60950-1, UL60601-1, IEC60601-1, EN60601-1

Our standard, high quality, high reliability, cost effective AC-DC and DC-DC converters range from PCB mounted units of a few watts to large hot swap system power converters of several kilowatts and significantly shorten the development time, ensuring that the most cost effective, reliable, low risk, compliant power converters are selected from the outset of a program.